Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Release of The Reluctant Submissive

June 4th will be the release of The Reluctant Submissive, my second release, and the first collaborative effort with the amazing Zoey Hill.  This is Zoey’s first published piece, so we are both new at this.  This particular novelette was a labor of love for me.  Growing up on the outskirts of New York City, I’ve been to my share of Broadway Shows.  Not to mention as an adult my husband, who has a passion for the theater, and I try to go into Manhattan every couple of months and stand on the TKTS Ticket Booth line and usually score some great tickets for half the price for a performance later in the day.  So, when this idea was sprouted, I was in love with it from the beginning.  Writing with someone isn’t always easy!  First, we had to figure out exactly how to do this.  Of course, the best advice came after we had finished the first book, so we needed to go back and do a good amount of work to get it right.  Oh Yes, I forgot to mention, this is part of the Dom in the City Series.  The second book, The Tortured Dom has already been submitted, and that one was much easier, we knew what we were doing from the beginning.   Here’s a little Blurb and our book cover! 

Four year ago, dancer/actress Vivian Debree followed her dream across the country to New York City hoping to seek stardom in a Broadway production, and doing so had closed off her.  Julian Maddox, well know financier of the theatre in New York had a dark past, and a heart that was untouchable.  When their worlds collide, will it sooth both their wounded pasts or will it burn them both to the ground.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mall Walking...Who knew?

In an effort to get healthier, a friend and I have been walking a few days a week, heading down to a local beach and completing a two-mile trail.  The grey clouds and intermittent rain foiled our plans this morning.  Instead of cancelling, we decided to go to our local shopping mall and join the mall walking crowd that walks the mall in the early morning hours before the stores open.  Well, I had heard of the “mall walkers” before, and to be honest along with probably people most thought it would be comprised of senior citizens.  To my shock at 8:30 am, the mall is quite crowed with people of all ages.  Yes, there were large amounts of seniors, who I may add to my dismay, passed our slow moving asses up.  Yes, I hang my head in shame about that being that neither my dear friend nor I are card-carrying members of AARP yet. 

What peeked my interest about the whole experience was the amount of food concession stands in the food court, as well throughout the mall that were open that early.  Walking by the food court, the smoky aroma of bacon and fresh brewed coffee got my attention.  I watched as the man in Cinnabon lovingly coated strips of dough in cinnamon sugar, and the worker at Blimpie's fry up omelets on their grill.  For me, I’m not sure all that temptation is the right place for me to walk on a regular basis.  It reminded me of a time when my cousin and I would attend the local Jazzercise classes and then head to the dinner afterward in the guise of getting a cup of coffee and breaking down and sharing a slice of cheesecake, or a dish of rice pudding. 

Passing all the temptation up, we completed our usual two-mile jaunt and exited the building without visiting any of the food vendors.  Okay, neither of us had any money on us…so you got me there!  I like the idea of an alternative place to walk in case of inclement weather.  However, mall walking can be more hazardous that I thought!