Sunday, July 7, 2013

Main Street Series- License to Thrill

Well, here we are again, on the cusp of another release.  I am nervous, excited, happy, anxiety ridden, and ready to jump out of my skin!  I wonder if I am the only author that goes through this.  Everyone seems so calm and collected in the days before his or her releases.  To be honest, I am feeling a little better than the last two (this is my third), so I guess I am making progress. 

License To Thrill is the second book in the Main Street Series, which takes place in the small port side town of Port Jefferson, Long Island NY.  Being a native Long Islander, I’ve visited Port Jefferson a lot through the years.  It’s a quaint little town, with some of the most wonderful shops and restaurants, and some kick ass nightlife to boot.  I’m posting some picture of the town that I recently took.  This particular day, we took the passenger ferry over to Bridgeport Connecticut.  What a great way to travel! If you liked You Only Love Twice- Nathan and Paige’s story, I’m sure you’re going to love Josh and Addie’s also!  Maddie, the youngest and only female in the Fitzgerald family’s book is underway! 

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